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Most states have, in the interest of the public safety, maintained public records of past and current prisoners, both offline and online. Here you can search for prison inmates, prisoner, prison records and offender records at every state correctional institute, county jails and prisons, as well as find addresses to police stations as well as prison addresses.
If you are looking for an inmate in prison or just want information about someone, then we have most sites listed where you can search for free. Up until 2001, Wyoming had the most restrictive laws against publishing inmate records but that have changed now.
Most searches right now are performed by members of incarcerated people, emloyers and investigative agencies. The most freuently visited pages of all government agency web sites are our inmate searches.

42 out of the 50 State Department of Corrections makes photos and other information public in the interest of the public safety.
On this site you can use our search to locate an inmate in even more prisons and county jails. You can locate federal prisoners as well as search for corrections records and sex offenders.
State Inmate Locators are currently available through the following states: Alabama AL, Alaska AK, Arizona AZ, Arkansas, California CO, Colorado CO, Connecticut CT, Florida FL, Georgia GA, Idaho ID, Illinois IL, Indiana IN, Iowa IA, Kansas KS, Kentucky KY, Maryland MD, Michigan MI, Minnesota MN, Mississippi MS, Misssouri MO, Montana MN, Nebraska NE, Nevada NV, New Hampshire NH, New Jersey NJ, New Mexico NM, New York NY, North Carolina NC, North Dakota ND, Ohio OH, Oklahoma OK, Oregon OR, Pennsylvania PA, Rhode Island RI, South Carolina SC, Tennessee TN, Texas TX, Utah UT, Vermont VT, Virginia VA, Washington WA, West Virginia WV and Wisconsin WI.

Inmates eMail with Inmate Locators

InmatesMail is a suite of programs that will enable inmates in prisons to send and receive emails.
Inmates eMail will allow detention centers, prisons and jails the inmates to send and receive secure emails using our system. Detention centers have not been able to let the inmates, prisoners use Internet because of security risks but Inmates email will allow them to do it!

InmatesMail consists of:

The web software has filters for certain words that can not be sent by an inmate and the list is controlled by the Mail Administrator.
With our suite of apllications you can get prison penpals from all over the world!

If you know of a prison that still doesn't use our prison email system, please get in contact with them and tell them about the system so more prisoners can use email to communicate with their loved ones now!
We have decided to make all searches free for our visitors, so we have links to every jail, county jails, sheriff's offices and booking centrals in every state.
In the near future we are planning to post visiting hours for every prison in United Sates, and visiting regulations for jails.
Future plans also include posting jobs for correctional facilities, so if you work for an HR department in any jail, email us and we will post your correctional officer job openings.

InmatesMail is a web site that focuses on texas inmate locators .
Inmate Mail also have surveillance cameras, CCTV equipment for sale.
We care for inmates in prisons and people who have had problems with florida department of motor vehicles, texas department of criminal justice and have gone to jail, or will be going to jail for their problems.
In the near future we are going to display plans of jail design from the jail commissary and jail ministries.
InmatesMail is against jail abuse, jail cell doors and we have links to: